After being away for a while due to various things, I’m glad to be writing a new short piece on Alternative Rock band Love Ghost. Having been sent two songs, Friday Afternoon and Forgive Me. This four piece consisting of Finnegan Bell (Vocals, Guitar, Piano), Mya Greene (Viola), Ale Sierra (Drums, Vocals) and Ryan Stevens (Bass) from LA show a lot of potential in their songwriting and playing. The band having begun in early 2015 have already earned themselves a strong pedigree of achievements from opening for such artists as The Tubes, Berlin, Ozomatli and Buckcherry. Love Ghost has also played several high profile festivals including Make Music Pasadena and Echo Park Rising. Though all the members of Love Ghost are young, they show a maturity and experience many lack. The arrangements and lyric writing are emotional journeys, of which few can capture and represent in their playing.

Friday Afternoon takes off with a series of guitar chords, drum fills and classical instrumentation setting the atmosphere of the piece. It lowers the volume for the vocals to come through as it gently takes you by the hand, as once again the distorted guitar rises and the lead and backing vocals cut through in a haunting, but almost comforting manner. The chorus once again hits in with the whole band taking an element of importance as they all blend in together to create a beautiful mix that sticks in your head, all before leading into a frantic, yet controlled guitar solo. Bell’s guitar skills are truly shown here with his playing, showing he understands the importance of being musical and relevant to the song, all the while demonstrating his technical prowess on the instrument. It all finishes with one final triumphant chorus, that leaves me wanting to hear it over and over again to uncover every nuance to one wonderfully well-crafted song. To fans of artists such as Smashing Pumpkins, this is a must-listen.

Forgive Me takes a lot of influence of 90’s Grunge music as it begins with the emphatic guitar, bass and viola, all the while the drums powerfully accenting alongside the other instruments. Once again, the vocals cut through clearly and powerfully as they drive home. It leads to an instrumental section that feels like it is taking you to a whole new plane, never losing its integrity. The viola playing throughout these sections is a true highlight, as it adds and enhances the rest of the band, while never taking true focus from the others. It gives an extra dimension to elevate the song from other artists of similar sound and nature. The finale is a crescendo of each members playing, never faltering and delivering a musical performance that few ever achieve.

For fans of 90’s Alternative and Grunge Rock, Love Ghost is a band that you must check out. They take influence from bands such as Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Smashing Pumpkins etc and give it a new modern sound that is purely their own. It is beautiful, haunting, atmospheric and incredible all at the same time and couldn’t be recommended enough. end

Love Ghost – Friday Afternoon – SoundCloud

Love Ghost – Forgive Me – SoundCloud

Love Ghost – Facebook Page

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